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Our Mission

At Buyer Connected, we are in business to drive a culture that is based on Equality, Empowerment and Excellence to deliver a Best in Class experience to our clients.

We believe that everybody should be seen for their uniqueness. Everybody has a role. Everyone that works for or with Buyer Connected will be appreciated, valued and heard.

Rob Keutem - CEO, Buyer Connected

Our Team


Jamal Lewis


Adept at finding new business opportunities, developing successful strategies and executing winning plays in business. Jamal has more than 15-year history launching and running successful businesses across various industries. Passionate and committed to continuing to pursue excellence and opportunities everywhere for clients and partners. Jamal has never met a person he does not know, a quiet leader who truly cares about all people and commands respect because he takes the time to teach and not just delegate.

Jamal both attended and played running back at the University of Tennessee. If you ask him he will tell you he is a proud Vol For Life #VFL. Jamal is a BCS Champion, Super Bowl champion, NFL Offensive MVP and ten-year NFL running back inducted into the Baltimore Ravens’ Ring of Honor. Jamal is ranked among the Sports Illustrated Top 25 Power Running Backs of All Time. In both football and business, Jamal has a proven career of excellence and winning. When Jamal is not working, he enjoys spending time with his kids and coaching. You will never find Jamal not moving quickly and making things happen for all of his partners.

Buyer Connected is a business that Jamal spends countless hours working in to be sure his clients are satisfied. Many often ask, what does Jamal know about the retail business and merchandising? The answer is A LOT. He learned the same way as everyone else in the business and that is by working on-site and long hours, while delivering on deadlines. Do not be surprised to see Jamal coming into a job and quickly taking over a crew if he thinks they need additional guidance. Jamal is highly involved in the day to day business and prides himself on execution. BCI’s portfolio of services includes development and optimization of retail event programs for major retailers.

A few years ago Jamal and now buyer Connected CEO Rob Keuten developed a unique relationship. Two men from two very different places and different career backgrounds but with more in common then either would have imagined. Both share a passion for excellence, people and leading by example. Over years of business and “life” discussions the two wanted to use their platforms to make a difference by creating jobs and growth potential through Buyer Connected. BCI prides themselves on giving people opportunities, investing in and helping them exceed their career and personal goals. BCI is will always be more than a company and Jamal lives that every day.


Rob Keuten


After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 2005, Rob moved to Atlanta and began his career as a salesman in the logistics and transportation industry. He would often spend countless hours on the phone, attempting to set up appointments and drum up new business. His relentless passion to succeed planted a very important seed early on in his career.

Rob chose to expand his horizons and his territory throughout Atlanta, leading him to a District Director position. He went on to coach and mentor countless team members as a leader in sales, and then as a Vice President. He has overseen hundreds of employees across 3 continents for a billion dollar global logistics company for numerous years.

Rob feels very fortunate that his career has enabled him to travel extensively, both domestically and internationally. He is able to adapt to any environment quickly, and can easily navigate challenges that come his way. With any new challenge comes a need to form trust and a partnership in business. Building and maintaining relationships is of the utmost importance to Rob. He is grateful to have built and loyally maintained a vast network of relationships and friendships throughout his career.

Rob is happiest when able to utilize his skill set to coach and mentor others. A born leader, he is able to command an audience like no other, inject humor and fun into the workplace, yet be immensely productive. Rob’s desire to win, his relatability, and his sound moral compass make him a remarkable businessman. His commitment to excellence and attention to every level of detail in all business endeavors are a testament to his level of success.

Rob is excited to be a part of the foundation of the Buyer Connected team. He brings 15 years of unsurpassed knowledge to move the company forward into the future. Rob stands by serving the community and is committed to positively impacting those that he meets. He believes that communication and honesty are keys to success. Rob hopes to inspire others by the example that he sets every single day.

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