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In-Store Retail Merchandising
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About Buyer Connected

A retail services consulting firm specializing in the delivery of in-store solutions was founded by President, Jamal Lewis in 2014. Lewis saw an opportunity for BCI to support retail partners with in-store solutions to maximize the return on merchandising programs — whether an in-store remodel, seasonal reset, or point of purchase program delivery.

BCI’s overall focus is optimization of retail project execution which includes seasonal programs, resets, remodels, warehousing, direct-to-store distribution, and non-merch supply chain services.

What We Do

We are a solutions-based retail consultant, offering project scalability with a laser focus approach on the most difficult of programs.

In-store Services

We are a full-service retail services consultant, offering scalability with a laser focus approach on the most difficult of resets.

Point Of Purchase Displays

We focus on the development and optimization of retail event programs, including but not limited to design, prototyping, fabrication, warehousing, and direct-to-store distribution.

Back-end Logistics

With over 60 warehouses strategically aligned nationwide and a network of final mile agents, we’re able to offer cost-saving solutions for big retailers.

Our Partners


Reset/Remodel Services

Store Resets, Reflows, and Store Remodels can be challenging. We will help decrease disruptions and downtime and see that deadlines and budget requirements are met. BCI can handle any project ranging from single-bay category resets to large-scale national rollouts.

Our in-store experience includes, but is not limited to…

  • Audits
  • Inventory Correction
  • Plan-o-gram Implementation and Point of Sale
  • Rotation / Install and De-Install – Product, Collateral, Fixture
  • Re-sets: Aisles, Departments, Sections & Total Store
  • Seasonal & Surge Merchandising
  • Store Openings / Store Closure and or Relocation
  • In-Store Upgrades / Updates

POP Display


POP displays can engage and educate consumers, and also encourage them to try a product, ultimately converting to a sale, not to mention how well-designed POP displays can elevate the appearance of a store and enhance the overall shopping experience.

BCI can help showcase your brand as well as your supplier merchandisers with custom, attention-grabbing, quality POP displays at competitive pricing.

Retail Events

A successful retail requires expert planning and adherence to budget and deadlines. Our skilled workforce, led by talented project managers, ensure retail event logistics are well planned and executed and all design and build quality requirements are met.

Additional Merchandising Options


  • Retail-Ready: mini-dumps, full-dumps, half-shelf dumps
  • Clip Strips: preloaded or pre-packed for store loading
  • Peg-Ready Merchandising: check lane and impulse as pegs come pre-loaded with 6-12 pieces on disposable peg
  • Side-Stacks: unlimited variation in depths as stacking products POD and Display lines for major event programs
  • End-caps hooks, shelving, POS, merchandising signage
  • Event groupings

The BCI Difference


The Identification Process

BCI Searches and Filters our project leads based on (Location, Skills, Certifications, Ratings, Past Work)
Automated On-boarding and training client-specific requirements allow BCI to that all team members are prepared prior to job arrival.


Our Client-Specific Requirements – (Skills, Licenses, Certifications) – through one central verification Automated and Continuously Vetted TEAM Clouds for each specific BCI client or project.

Field Engagement

BCI Field teams receive assignment and real-time communication from management The BCI Mobile App allows for our TEAMS to access real-time project updates Compliance (Rules-Based) Engine with focus on Safety, Quality and Client Specific Standards

Performance Management

BCI provides TEAM members and Qualitative Feedback & Ratings are given by clients and TEAM members We utilize Quantitative Metrics that drive KPIs, labor needs, and on-site efficiency so there in executing plan

Project Management

BCI Assignment Workflows as created for and with our clients to drive clear communication and concise delivery Team Member Check-In/Out Tracking with time stamp and location verification Assignment Deliverables (Proof of Performance)

Safety & Security

Safety inside our client’s facilities is a top priority Utilizing our on-site mobile application to proactively communicate, we regularly hold safety briefings and on-site meetings Through early collaboration with our clients, we mitigate potential project risks. We develop a plan of action to manage risks in accordance with our client’s rules, regulations, and the standards set forth by OSHA.

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